Changing lifestyles & improper food habits have their own side effects on human beings & most common is obesity. Lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle & energy rich diet are the main causes of an excess body fat accumulation. Getting rid of this stubborn fat is not an easy task.
U-Liposlim is a simple, effective & healthy method to do so.

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What is U-Liposlim?

U-Liposlim is an innovative, non-invasive, non-surgical procedure to remove the accumulated fat deposits in specific regions of the body. It is one of the safest methods for removing localized fat in & around the stomach,waist, inner thighs, under arms, neck etc.

How does U-Liposlim Works?

The high frequency ultrasound technology of U-Liposlim allows a predetermined amount of energy to be focused onto the subcutaneous adipose tissues. As the ultrasound waves converge towards the targeted area, they cumulate at a certain point & produce the so called cavitation effect leading to mechanical breaking of the cellular membrane. This causes release in the inter cellular fluid of the stored triglycerides which are rapidly & naturally metabolized. The technological system is very selective as only the adipose tissues are being targeted & no other tissue is altered in the process.

Advanced tripolar RF Technology delivers the optimal RF Energy to the dermal & subcutaneous layers. Its dense energy matrix penetrates into multiple layers of the skin, ensuring improved clinical efficiency & noticably visible results. It targets the elastic fibres of the skin, which causes collagen regeneration, collagen remodelling & skin tightening.

Benifits of U-Liposlim

> Effective
> Practical
> Economical
> Safe & Painless
> Spot reduction
> Non Invasive
> Non Surgical

Diet / Exercises Surgery / Liposuction HIFU (U-Liposlim)
Non-Targeted Targeted Targeted
Non-Permenant Permenant Permenant
Gradual Quick Quick
No Risk Risk of Surgery No Risk
No Hospitalisation Hospitalisation No Hospitalisation
Painless Some Pain Painless

Weight Loss

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), obesity & overweight together are the second leading cause of preventable death, close behind tobacco use.
Obesity/Overweight increases the chances of diabetes, high cholestrol, high blood pressure, asthama, sleep disturbances, loss of libido, infertility & even cancer.

Causes of Obesity -
• Physical inactivity
• Unhealthy diet & eating habits
• Hereditary
• Family Lifestyle
• Hormonal Imbalance
• Certain medications
• Social & economic issues
• Pregnancy
• Lack of sleep

So a person's weight is affected by all the factors like genetic, hormonal, social, economical, physical, etc. So considering these factors, it is very essential to have effective and healthy measures to lose weight.
At "Fitwell Centre" we follow a holistic approach. We do not experiment on your body with various weight reduction techniques. Therefore we do not recommend any crash diets, weight-loss pills or strenous exercises that may bring unfavourable effects.

Inch Loss

"Fat" is the word that makes a person's confidence go flat. Extra fat concentration in a particular body part, especially the abdomen, hips, thighs,etc. is upsetting for anyone, as it marks one's self-esteem. All of us desire a well-toned body but fast-paced lifestyles, sedentery jobs, lack of time for exercises, etc. makes weight management a distant dream in today's time.
Of all, fat around the abdomen, fancily called as spare tyre or fat belly, offers an awkward feeling for majority of the people. Unfortunately, shedding those extra kilos is not an easy affair. No matter how many diet plans you incorporate into your lifestyle or how many hours you spend at the gym, the weight keeps adding back.
Our inch loss treatment program efficiently targets the areas with excess fat concentration & breaks down the fat cells in the subcutaneous or hyperdermic layer resulting in increased metabolism & reduced fatty wall chambers.
Additionally, it fixes saggy skin & unwanted flab. Thus, slimming & inch loss treatment address weight gain problems with a gentle approach for you to loose few inches over your body quickly.

Area Specific Inch loss / Fat loss Treatments
• Tummy tuck
• Side tuck
• Thigh tuck
• Arm tuck
• Upper back tuck
• Saddle bag tuck
• Hip tuck
• Face-chin tuck
• Breast tonning & firming
• Male Breast (Gynecomastia)

Thigh Tuck
Upper back tuck
Tummy tuck
Arm Tuck
Male Breast (Gynecomastia)
Side Tuck
Saddle Tuck
Breast Tonning & Firming
Face - Chin Tuck