Two Month back, I suffered from a ligament injury, so I was told to consult a physiotherapist nearby. I was lucky to have Dr. Sanket Gandhi who has been a family doctor to us for past few years. His treatment helped me improved a lot over a course. I was able join back to all the exercises and sport in my daily routine. All thanks to Dr. Sanket Gandhi for his Dignosis. I would recommend you all the same if you suffer a muscle injury.

-Rutuj Khopkar (Arch Student)

मला कंबरदुखी तसेच गुडघ्यांच्या संधिवातचा त्रास अनेक वर्षापासून होता. फिजीओथेरपी व Acupuncture या संयुक्त उपचारानंतर आता माझे दुखणे खुप कमी झाले आहे. परंतु माझे वजन जास्त असल्यामुळे सरांनी मला वजन कमी करण्याचा सल्ला दिला. म्हणून सरांनी चालु केलेल्या अत्यंत आधुनिक अश्या U-liposlim पद्धतीचे उपचार मी वजन कमी करण्यासाठी चालु केले आणि 2 महिन्यांतच मला त्याचे रिझल्ट्स दिसुन आले. ह्या U-liposlim उपचारानंतर आता मला खुपच हलके वाटते, थकवा कमी होऊन माझा उत्साह देखील वाढला आहे.

-हिना सावंत (गृहिणी)

Dr. Sanket Gandhi is known to me since few years & is an extremely knowledgeable & exprienced doctor, his diagnosis & treatment is always correct & I have never came back disappointed. I am very grateful to have him as my doctor.

-Mrs. Sahani Nayana (Business)

I opted for U-Liposlim treatment for tummy tuck at fitwell centre. Got excellent results & reduced from 43" to 37" in just 8 wks with 3 KGs weight loss. Their U-Liposlim session is very effective & time saving, special thanks to dietitian dietician for writing diet chart that was easy to follow with easily available ingredients, my warm wishes to fitwell team for their further endeavors.

-Smt. Shinde

Dr. Sanket Gandhi is a credit to his profession. I have been a paitient to him for nearly five to six years & I have found him attentive, caring & very helpful to my various aches & pains. Thank you Dr. Sanket Gandhi for making me move with ease I also wish to express how professional, kind & helpful his staff is.

- Mr. Shah (C.A.)

The best part about Dr.Sanket Gandhi is his diagnosis. There have been few times when I had absolutely no idea why the issue was for months. Taking medicines were with no outcome. But Dr.Sanket Gandhi's diagnosis was spot on & has helped me through with getting the right treatment, not on this one occasion but on others as well. Then comes the fact that he is always so eager to help & make sure that you recover from injuries / issues & that too always with a smile & lot of motivation.

- Smt. Asha Kamble

I came to fitwell centre with a chronic IT band problem. I was in pain whenever i walked or moved in certain ways. The treatment i received from Physiotherapist Dr.Sanket Gandhi was excellent. He listened very carefully to my symptoms, asked questions, examined me & set about a course of treatment. He gave me electrotherapy & exercises to do at home, which i did everyday.
I am now able to go for daily walks & move without pain. I have my life back! I believe the the reason that the treatment i received was so effective was that Dr.Sanket Gandhi uses up to date therapies. I highly recommend Dr. Sanket Gandhi & Fitwell Centre for any muscle pain.

- Mr. Kshirsagar Nitin (IT Professional)